Appearance:      Small ‘Western Bracket type’ clock with brass workings separately enclosed in glazed wooden case.-Capture0076201

Period:               Late.

Escapement:     Usually verge and balance wheel.

Dial: Usually ‘waricoma’ dial with movable hour markers around chapter ring.

Power Source:   Spring.

Makura-dokei derived their name from the fact that they resembled ornate wooden head pillows used by geisha. The clocks were spring driven and later versions used the fusee system for adjusting the strength of the mainspring in order to increase accuracy. They are considered to be the most beautiful of Japanese clocks ever made.  However, they did not provide accurate time due to the fact that there was only an hour hand and they had moveable hour markers on a very small dial.

Example: Makura-dokei in author’s collection.Image15 Left within ‘makura’ style housing, and above removed from housing.