Appearance:      Lantern clock hanging on wall nail.-Capture0024149

Period:               Early to late.

Escapement:     Single and double foliot, plus later balance wheel.

Power Source:   Lead or brass weight.

Construction:    Lantern with square or rectangular pillars.

As hashira-dokei, these clocks were placed on the wall or pillar. Kake-dokei all have a little hoop at the back to hang them on a nail or spike on the wall, or the toko-bashira (square post) next to the tokonoma (alcove) of a Japanese room. The descriptions of the clocks are similar to other lantern-style clocks.

Examples:  Kake-dokei in author’s collection.  Circa 1730.  Very early iron going and strike mechanism, plus iron single foliot escapement.  Early hand-beaten brass side plates. Waricoma chapter ring on iron rotating dial plate.  Hour and half-hour markers of brass with silver facings.  Sexagesimal date aperture above dial (one indicator missing).  Replacement bell.    Overall height 245mm.