The author of this web site is much indebted to the many wadokei enthusiasts that have provided information on his various meetings in Japan.  He is also indebted to the authors of the following books for the information contained in their publications:

Original Books in my possession:

“Wa-Dokei, Taizuburo Tsukada”, 1st Edition, 1960. (Japanese – with 75% English translation)

“Tokei Hattatsu-shi”, Hyoe Takabayashi, 1924. (Japanese – with full English translation)

“Nilson no Tokei/The Clocks of Japan”, Ruji Yamaguchi, 1942. (Japanese and English)

“Japanese Clocks”, N H N Mody, 1st Edition, 1932. Copy No. 158/250. (English)

“History of the Japanese Clock and Watch Industry”, Hoshimi Uchida, 2000. (Meiji Period) (English)

“Dutch Clocks and their Japanese Connection”, Ernest L Edwardes,1996. (English)

“Time and It’s Measurement”, James Arthur,1909.

“The Evolution of Clockwork”, J Drummond Robertson, 1st Edition, 1931(English)

“History of the Japanese Clock”, Swada Flat?, 1996.

“Japanese Clock” – Edo of High-Tech, Tankousha,1996.

“Wadokei in Seiko Collection”, Seiko Museum, 1994.

“A history of Japanese Astronomy”, Nakayama Shigeru, 1962.

“Japanese Clock Pictorial Record”, Oda Sachiko Hen, Seiko Museum, 1994.

“Man-nen Dokei Restoratioon and Replication”, Japanese Ministry of Education, 2005.

“The Lure of the Clock”, D W Hering,1932.

Facsimile Books and Publications in my posession:

“Bokuyo Kyoka Shu” – Illustrated by Hishi-kawa Moronobu Tenna,– extract – earliest reference to clock. 1681. (Japanese)

“Karakuri Zui”, Hosakawa Hanzo, 1796. 3 Vols. (Japanese – with English translation)

“Nagasaki Watch & Clock Makers during the period of Tokugawa Sogunate”, Ruji Yamaguchi, 1952 (Japanese)

“Twelve O’Clock Miniature Story Book” – Takeo Takei 1894-1982. Photographic copy with English translation.

“Japanese Clock Development”, Taizuburo Taukada. (Japanese)

“Notes on some Japanese Clocks lately purchased for the Science and Art Museum”, Dublin. Arthur R Rambaut, 1889. (Text only)

“On the Evolution of the Japanese Clock”, J G Goodchild, 1903. (In transactions of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts, Vol. 16)

“Ancient Methods of Dividing and Recording Time in Japan”, Thomas Egleston,1892 (Text only)

Reference on the web page “List of Known Makers” are associated with the following works:

    1. Not used.
    2. “Wadokei” by Taisaburo Tsukada, 1960. (Extracts from English translation by Ryutaro Tatsui which was developed by Mr Chester W Howard, manager of the Kamakura Antique Clock Museum, Fellow NAWCC.
    3. “Journal of The Wadokei-Gakkai” (The Society for Japanese Clocks & Watches).  In Japanese with some English Article Forewords in English.
    4. “Japanese Clocks”, by NAH Mody, printed in 1932 and reprinted 1967.
    5. “Wall Clocks of Nagoya” by Hoshimi Uchida, 1987
    6. “Tokei Hattatsu-shi” by Hyoe Takabayashi
    7. John Read Collection, Bonhams Auction Catalogue, 11 May 2010
    8. “Nagasaki No Tokei-Shi” (Clockmakers in Nagasaki) by Kurusake Watanabe, 1729
    9. “Dutch Clocks and Their Japanese Connection” by Ernest L Edwardes, 1996.
    10. “Tokei Hattatsu-shi” by Hyoe Takabayashi, 1924. (English translation by P L Harrison, dated 1937
    11. “History of the Japanese Clock and Watch Industry” by Hoshimi Uchida, 2000. Vol. 1 – “Osaka Watch Inc. 1889-1902”
    12. “History of the Japanese Clock and Watch Industry” by Hoshimi Uchida, 2000. Vol. 2 – “Wall Clocks of Nagoya 1885 – 1925”
    13. “History of the Japanese Clock and Watch Industry” by Hoshimi Uchida, 2000. Vol. 3 – “Evolution of Seiko 1892 – 1923”
    14. “Personal Notebook of John Drummond Robertson” handwritten, held in the British Museum.  Transcribed by Ashley Strachan.
    15. “The Evolution of Clockwork” by John Drummond Roberson
    16. “The Celebrated Collection formed by Courtenay Ilbert” by Christie’s, London, 6/7 Nov 1958, which includes the John Drummond Robertson Japanese clocks bequeathed to him. The auction did not take place as the clocks were bought for the UK Nation prior to auction by Gilbert Edgar, chairman of the H. Samuel watch retailers and jewellers. The clocks are in the British Museum, London.
    17. Details from MURAKAMI Kazuo author of the book Karakui.